Special Announcement: Accelerating Health Care Innovation in North Carolina Conference

August 16, 2021 00:18:12
Special Announcement: Accelerating Health Care Innovation in North Carolina Conference
Special Announcement: Accelerating Health Care Innovation in North Carolina Conference

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In this episode, host of the GuideWire podcast, Devin Hubbard, shares some big news! On September 23 and 24, FastTraCS is partnering with the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) to host the first ever Accelerating Health Care Innovation in North Carolina Conference: Charting the Course.

If you are interested in design or healthcare innovation, register for the virtual conference. NCBiotech and FastTraCS are collaborating with health systems across North Carolina to provide a foundation for clinician innovation. The two-day virtual event emphasizes taking action by connecting attendees with people, insights, and strategies to systematically tackle the innovation process from ideation through execution.

In the meantime, Devin asks FastTraCS’ 11 North Carolina Health System Partners participating in the conference to share how they are supporting innovation in their healthcare system.


Today’s Topics Include:


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Accelerating Health Care Innovation in North Carolina Conference: Charting the Course

North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech)

Lindsay Deneault with Atrium Health on LinkedIn

Ken Russell with Wake Forest University on LinkedIn

Casey Granack with WakeMed Innovations on LinkedIn

Carol Lewis with UNC Health Enterprises on LinkedIn

Michael Schotzinger with Cne Health Ventures on LinkedIn

Paula Kranz with Novant Health on LinkedIn



“Our mission, overall, is to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing for all.” - Lindsay Deneault

“One of the key differentiators we have is we provide funding.” - Ken Russell

"Anybody is capable of being an innovator." - Casey Garack

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