Season 1 - Episode 10: A Year in Review

Episode 10 December 02, 2020 00:47:24
Season 1 - Episode 10: A Year in Review
Season 1 - Episode 10: A Year in Review

Dec 02 2020 | 00:47:24


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In this episode of GuideWire, Devin Hubbard and other FastTraCS team members reflect on what they have tried in the past that worked well or not, and things that are still works in progress to uncover and solve high-impact, unmet medical needs. Also, they predict what’s coming in 2021 for medical device innovation.  


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“Embrace the crappiness.” Director Shawn Gomez

“What is good enough? Lessen your threshold for action.” Prototype and Design Engineer Nabil Khan

COVID/PPE Space: “Just do it mentality.” Devin Hubbard

“Having people who are willing to sort of discuss and argue and sort of push why things are done the way they are is really helpful.” Director Shawn Gomez

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